Swordfish Trading Systems
Synergy Solanum Trading System

Synergy Solanum is an always-in trading system which was developed and slightly optimized specifically for the ALSI 30-minute periodicity. The 30-minute is the top performing periodicity for the ALSI and the system has not been tested on any other instruments.
Solanum uses a MACD crossover combined with Stochastic levels and is always in the market. The Swordfish Indicator is provided in full and it is very easy to trade.
Solanum is intended as a starter system for part-time traders with little experience to be able to begin trading and while the back test was done using data for the ALSI future, Solanum can also be used to trade the ALMI with very little starting capital.
Use Solanum at your own risk and remember that past performance can never guarantee future profits.
The original Solanum System, back tested results and the subsequent forward tested results are available below: