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Synergy Solanum Trading System - Results January to December 2013

For the 2013 performance tests the margin amount is set as R 20,000.00 per ALSI contract (or R 2,000.00 per ALMI Contract). Initial trading equity is set at R 50,000.00 and trade commissions are calculated at R 14.00 per trade.
Solanum total profit for
2013 is R 71,292.00, excluding slippages and possible additional losses or gains at the contract roll overs.
The maximum system drawdown for 2013 was R 68,212.00.

Profit and Loss for 2013

Trade List

 R 71,292.00 

 R 68,212.00 



Win %

Synergy Solanum 2013 Trades.xlsx Synergy Solanum 2013 Trades.xlsx
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