JSE Indices

The JSE Index data files are comma delimited and in the order: Ticker,Date,Time,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume

Updated Monthly:

JSE Top 40 (TOPI)

J200.7z J200.7z
Size : 71.241 Kb
Type : 7z

JSE All Share (ALSH)

J203.7z J203.7z
Size : 92.486 Kb
Type : 7z

JSE Financial 15 (FINI)

J212.7z J212.7z
Size : 8.935 Kb
Type : 7z

JSE Resource 10 (RESI)

J210.7z J210.7z
Size : 66.182 Kb
Type : 7z

JSE Industrial 25 (INDI)

J211.7z J211.7z
Size : 69.674 Kb
Type : 7z

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